Julia Almendra For Jen’s Pirate Booty

Julia Almendra wearing lacy outfits and looking sexy posing in various states of undress for Jen’s Pirate Booty Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. Julia Almendra is one nice German beauty and her body is insanely hot. The sheer lace outfits she is wearing for these photos barely cover her lovely bits.

Myla Dalbesio: My art may be slutty, but my pussy is hard to get

Beauty Queen Myla Dalbesio: My Art’s Erotic, But I’m Not ‘Easy’ [1]

Due to the sexual nature of my work, though, it is often misinterpreted. I’m not interested in sleeping my way to the top. And yet male gallery owners come for studio visits and try to make out with me. Editors of major art magazines ask me casually over lunch if I “come easily.” During seemingly benign catalog lingerie shoots, I’ve had male photographers order me to “get down on my knees, like a good girl” then elbow their assistants and laugh. Once, at the end of an awkward fashion shoot, after I denied the photographer’s advances, he snapped at me, “I’ve seen your performance work, I could have had you masturbating on camera if I wanted to.” Read On…