Verónica Echegui on her Sex Scenes in Fortitude

The ice breaker: Verónica Echegui on her role in new TV show Fortitude and living in London

Verónica Echegui has her first major role in celeb-packed show Fortitude. The Spanish actress tells Susannah Butter about filming in Iceland, life in London and playing games with Penélope Cruz

by Susannah Butter

The first time I encounter Verónica Echegui she is snogging another woman’s husband in a shipping container. The real Echegui would never act in this way but nothing is taboo for Elena, her character in Fortitude, Sky Atlantic’s new thriller set in the Arctic Circle.

“I’m OK with sex scenes,” says the Spanish actress. “In my country all films have sex. It’s horrible. What made this one funny was that it was so freezing. Elena connects with men through sex, which I found interesting. What is she seeking in these relationships?”

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2014 Top Nude Scenes

TOP NUDE SCENES OF 2014 [1],[2]

Let’s get this over with. The problem with being a broken record is that eventually you grow tired of talking and reiterating the same subject over and over again. I’ve previously described in detail all the listed nude scenes and actresses on the old dead blog and the new one so I’ll keep it short and simple. Thank you so much for the record breaking votes, my blog fans and visitors. Appreciate the love :) Without further ado, here are crème de la crème of 2014.

[some of the original clips are by Supers992 and Zorg]

1. Alexandra Daddario in True Detective [S1]

What’s there more to say about Alex DD incredible, jaw dropping nude debut in True Detective? I’m practically exhausted talking about the walking, breathing perfection. In fact, I want to exhaust myself on Alex wondrous tits. This is the scene for the ages for sheer audacity and quality. This is the T&A which other nude scenes would be compared to for years to come. An instant classic. I know I was in for something special when Alex slowly lifts her shirt and out pops one of the greatest boobs I’ve the privilege to savor and cum over. And they didn’t stop there. Alex was game for a memorable strip tease ending up showing all her lady bits. The only minor gripe I’ve is when naked Alex turns around and we were robbed of a glorious full frontal. The lucky sonsabitches on the set that day including Woody gets to see everything the daughter of a prominent New York lawyer has to offer. So unfair. I want to also extend my heartfelt gratitude to HBO for making my dreams come true over the years. Read On…