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German Olympic Women Athletes Pose for Playboy

German Olympic female stars have posed nude for the cover of Playboy, threatening to overshadow their team’s efforts at the Beijing Games. Four female athletes representing Germany in the 2008 Beijing Olympics took their clothes off for Playboy. As I have said before, the Beijing Olympics should be called the Sex Olympics with a full boob slip nipple slips of during a Water Polo game and with a leaked nude sex scandal pictures of Laure Manaudou, a French Olympic gold medalist swimmer. Screw the gold and show more pink is my advice to these German babes.

But this is the first time ever four Athletes have stripped off their clothes in Playboy for 4 separate covers. The athletes are, in order of appearance below, Romy Tarangul (Judo), Petra Niemann (sailing), Katharina Sholz (field hockey), and Nicole Reinhardt (Kayak). The topless photos of these German Olympians have appeared on four alternative front covers of Playboy. And whether these Beijing Game babes bring home a medal or not, they are without a doubt some of the sexiest ladies to compete at this year’s Games.  Read On…

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in The Returned [S1E4]

I hate to be bearer of bad news but in this case, I’ve no choice. Riley, your prudish wife fucked the French-looking dude. I’m not talking about on-cam fake crap, Ril. The real deal, mate. You know and I know Mary is into all things Gallic. Sure, Mat Vairo is not a Frenchy. But look at him, Ril. That face. Pure Gallic magnifique. You can’t blame her. You’ve been pressuring Mary about starting a family.  If  she suddenly makes a U-turn and bam, bun in the oven….make sure to do a DNA test. I’ll admit I’m being a nasty f*ck here. It’s for your own good, buddy. Something is off with Mary. Beneath that doe-eyed ingenuousness and conservatism, Mary has a little sexual secret she has been quite adept in hiding from her family and partly from you. It will come out eventually. It always does.

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