Blast From The Past: Julia Duffy

Blast From The Past: Julia Duffy Is 64


Julia Duffy is 64 today, and a mother of two adult children. She will forever be immortalized on the TV screen as ‘Stephanie Vanderkellen’ from “Newhart” (1982-1990); a spoiled rich girl cut off by her parents and employed as a housekeeper at Dick and Joanna Louden’s inn. Vain, shallow, and completely unqualified for any sort of manual labor, ‘Stephanie’ grudgingly, and often incompetently performed her duties much to the consternation of ‘Dick Louden’ played by Bob Newhart.
Julia Duffy Nude

Prior to “Newhart”, Duffy had one little itty-bitty nude (topless) scene in a film called “Night Warning” (1982). There is only one name associated with the film that really matters; director William Asher. But we have the photos and a clip of her scene, likely shot with she was 28 or 29 years-old.