Michelle Monaghan Goes Army in ‘Fort Bliss’

Michelle Monaghan has one piece of practical advice for film actors: be completely off-book in an audition. “All those really opportune moments, when I was able to look into the camera or [at] the casting director or reader, were lost when my eyes were down,” she says of her early acting days. “When I’m completely off-book I have so much more confidence and I can give twice the audition. I’m so grateful when the director will just let the camera roll when I’m not saying anything. What one’s eyes can do!”

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Nicola Peltz

Breakthrough Jew – Nicola Peltz

In just 5 years, Nicola Peltz has established herself as one the fastest rising stars in Hollywood.

Nicola Peltz from Transformers Age of Extinction
Name: Nicola Peltz
Age: 19
Hometown: Westchester County, New York
Breakthrough Cred: Starring as Katara in 2010’s ‘The Last Airbender’

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