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The award for “Choice Use of Side Boob” goes to actress/singer/pianist, Alexa Vega. That is a category at the Teen Choice Awards, right? If not it should be. Alexa would have it in the bag. With that said, I’m not really big fan of these pictures of Alexa from the Teen Choice Awards held at Gibson Amphitheatre. Sure she looks pretty and is flashing some heroic amounts of boob, but the cut of the dress just looks awkward. She does look lovely from the front, but from the side, there’s just something up with the dress that’s distracting. Ah well, she still looks hotter than I could ever hope to look so good for her. It’s nice to see her on the red carpet either way.

tn alexa vega 3 Alexa Vega flashed a whole lot of side boob

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