‘Game of Thrones’ Sex And Nudity: The Complete Collection

So someone saw a need for this.  It’s every nude scene from ‘Game of Thrones‘ spliced together.  My first reaction: Whoever made this just lumped “sex scenes” in with “nude scenes” and I don’t consider those the same thing and until this moment didn’t realize I was such an aficionado of such things.  But yeah some sex scenes don’t have explicit nudity.
My second reaction, though is considering that when people mention ‘Game of Thrones’ the first thing anyone thinks of is sex and nudity.  People go so far as to call it porn.  But with that reputation, this clip is a lot shorter than I would expect it to be.
With the season four premier so heavily watched it shut down HBO Go, fans are turning out in droves.  Are they looking for medieval political intrigue or cheap thrills?  Well, there’s nothing wrong with a nice balance of both.
Like I said, this is absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!  It’s nothing but nudity and sex– all kinds of sex, straight sex, gay sex, group sex, incest, more incest, a little bit more, okay that’s enough.  Click away, ya perv!
Like I said, considering its reputation, 16 minutes of nudity and sex out of three seasons of ten episodes each– that’s thirty hours– that’s not much at all.  There were some other sultry scenes but that weren’t explicit enough to be included in this, but even so…
Let’s not overlook that the real hook of the show are the political maneuverings, backstabbing (and just regular stabbing, actually) and intrigue.  The sex and nudity just add a layer of spice, which the frigid world of Westeros could certainly use!  Plus they didn’t have smart phones or Netflix but did have an abundance of liquor so what else were they going to do?

Artistic Nude From Game Of Thrones.

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