Mandy Chen is one of the private pornstars featured in Edison Chan Sex Scandal along with celebrities of Chinawood like Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Maggie Q. Mandy Chen, Candice Chan, Rachel Ng, Cecilia Cheung, and Vincy Yeung.

Chinese Teacher Giving Lessons

In China, the teachers are like the drunk mall Santa Claus…fucking least if you if you think that spanking kinds in front of the class is something sexual and weird….when really it could just be teaching them a good old fashioned lesson…something that we don’t do here in America, because in America we’ve gone soft and don’t believe in doing anything controversial, or that isn’t politically correct…
Not that I think spanking kinds like some pervert in class is awesome training for anything but turning them into hookers….but it is so weird it’s funny and that’s why I am posting it.
Maybe you’re more into Business Suit Brawls..

And yes, more moronic sex tapes… Enjoy.