Since pretty much the dawn of time, the term “one-night stand” has carried a pretty heavy negative connotation. Whether this wasn’t you goal at all or you actually wanted it that way, there’s still a judgement and stigma around one-night stands.
First of all, that’s nonsense. What you do β€” or who you do β€” is entirely within your right, and no one (including you!) should make you feel bad about it. Just remember what Salt-N-Pepa said: “If I want to take a guy home with me tonight… It’s none of your business.” Plus, who’s to say a one-night stand can’t turn into more? You honestly never know.

The older I get, the more I realize that sometimes sex is just sex. It doesn’t always have to be this end all be all, long drawn out thing that spawns a series of questions and expectations. Sometimes it’s just two people caught up in the moment, and that “moment” just happens to be the only thing those two people have in common.

That’s totally OK… healthy even! Does it mean sex isn’t even better when it’s with someone you love? Of course not. At the end of the day, that’s what a lot of people want β€” including myself. But what it does mean is don’t feel bad about itching that annoying little scratch, because it can feel pretty damn good.
One-night stands can also be like going back to school in the sense you actually learn a lot from the experience itself. See for yourself:

1. You May Not Actually Feel Nothing

Sex without emotions isn’t possible for everyone β€” as much as we’d like it to be sometimes. After all, you did share a connection with this person β€” a sexual one. So just embrace that side of it, and know lust isn’t the easiest thing to find, either.

2. If You’re Not Into The Foreplay, You Don’t Have To Do It

One time, I went home with this guy. We started hooking up, and it was just terrible. I chalked it up to nerves, gave it a couple more attempts, until I realized it just wasn’t going to improve. So when this guy went to get a condom, I got up, put my clothes back on on, and left. If it’s not hitting the spot, then what’s the point?

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