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Sophie Turner Bikini Twitter Hotness

Here’s one of the hottest do-nothings babes, Sophie Turner giving us a good look at that incredible body in some self bikini shots she tweeted yesterday. I think you guys all know and appreciate my love of really hot nobodies, they’re the best, so I had to post these pictures. The chick is just gorgeous, if she wants to come to my place and do nothing, she’s more than welcome. Call me.

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Georgia Salpa Sexy Twitter Pics

I still not sure who this Georgia Salpa chick is, but if you’re a fan of Kim Kardashian but can’t get over her fat ass like me, then you’ll love this hottie. I’ve been doing some pretty intensive research on Georgia’s Twitter account and here are some pictures. Now all I can say is that she is the type of chick I’d put down as my ideal woman; skinny, big breasted and not afraid to hide anything. Enjoy.

Rosario Dawson flashing pussy upskirt : Rosario Dawson flashing pussy upskirt.

Rosario knows it: when you realize the weather is too windy between your legs, it’s often too late, the picture is already in the can! ;)

Victoria Silvstedt Upskirt in St. Tropez…