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Brit actress Roxanne Pallett Topless in upcoming ‘Wrong Turn 6′

Remember Roxanne Pallett from Lake Placid 3? She puts on a bad American accent, shows breasts, bush and bum and gets eaten in the first 5 mins. Well seems like she is continuing the trend in another pointless horror sequel: Wrong Turn 6

I was a bit disappointed with the 5th film, missed a great chance to get the exquisite Camilla Arfwedson to show something. Film should be out October maybe, halloween tie?
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Danica Thrall Topless And Titties

If you’re not sure who this Danica Thrall hot chick is, don’t worry, hold your horses I’m going to get to it, but first I want to admire her big breasts for a moment or two. Alright, she’s some British hottie/model/gold digger who was on Celebrity Big Brother. Here are some lingerie and topless pictures from a photoshoot for Nuts magazine… Fingers crossed.

Danica Thrall in some sexy topless outtakes photos from Nuts’ hot “Girls Gone BAD” photo shoot. Spice up your life with the view of this up and coming British blonde bombshell. Danica Thrall is the next big thing from the UK. She has wonderful curve. Her body is perfect with a flat stomach and proportional breasts for a woman twice her size. Danica Thrall is very hot and amazing… And this breathtaking set with gorgeous shots from Danica Thrall’s newest Nuts magazine shoot is awesome because her boobs are on showcase.

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