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Emma ‘WTF’ Watson


From sugarscape: i really cant stand watson…saw her once and she was such a snob..she actually refused to take a picture when i asked her fir one

From ultimate-guitar: The sad thing here is that you might think they are gorgeous people but they could be total asshats.

My friend was in Watsons class and he said she was a snob.

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Miley Cyrus Leaked iPasty Titties Hack

Hackers got no time for Miley Cyrus. They didn’t hack her iPussy. There is no need to hack anything to see her titties … Her titties are all over the Internet.

But she needs the limelight. Here she is …

Miley Cyrus Parties In Pasties for NYFW!

Miley Cyrus shows off some skin in a sheer top during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 on Saturday night (September 6) in New York City.

Topless Miley Cyrus dons ice-cream nipple covers as she parties with Jenner siblings and Gigi Hadid in NY

Nipple tassle top? Ice to see you: Miley Cyrus hit up the Alexander Wang after party in Brooklyn on Saturday night wearing just a pair of ice-cream cone nipple pasties on her chest. Always trying to shock: Miley wore cannabis earrings and her glasses were made out of pills.

Nipple tassle top? Miley Cyrus.

Photo: Miley Cyrus Instagram

She is renowned for her racy outfits but Miley Cyrus’ latest look is quite possibly her raunchiest one yet.

Miley Cyrus Wore Pasties and Twerked at the Alexander Wang Party

The 21-year-old popstar attended the Alexander Wang after party for New York Fashion Week with pals including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid, but all eyes were on Miley thanks to her outfit which was comprised of nipple tassles and very little else.

What’s in her mouth … Magic Mushroom?

Miley Cyrus takes the naked trend too far with nipple pasties for a top

So, Miley Cyrus wore pasties at a party last night. As a top. What are pasties? I’m glad you asked. Traditionally, they’ve been worn to cover up nipples under a sheer blouse. You know, to disguise them. Sometimes strippers or burlesque dancers wear them as a part of their show.

Miley’s however, were not part of a disguise or part of a show. They were the main event. Sparkly and tasseled, the pasties sat on her nipples as though they were a top, which of course, THEY’RE NOT.

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