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Scandalous couple potentially jailed 15 years for fucking on Florida beach

Couple found guilty of having sex on a Florida beach, faces up to 15 years in prison

Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez. (Manatee County Sheriff's Office)
Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez. (Manatee County Sheriff’s Office)
It’s been dubbed the “sex-on-the-beach” trial.
Looks like Selena Gomez may be jailed for … 15 hours for pokies

Selena Gomez’s instagram

A Florida jury on Monday convicted Jose Caballero, 40, and Elissa Alvarez, 20, on charges that they had sex on Bradenton Beach in broad daylight. They face up to 15 years behind bars and will have to register as sex offenders. Read On…