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Coco Thong Bikini Beach Pictures In Miami

Ice-T and his busty wife, stripper turn “model” Nicole ‘Coco’ Austina enjoys a day at the beach in Miami on Monday. And yeah, Coco and her g-string bikini are here to class things up! Coco tanned in a tiny orange bikini while Ice-T relaxed in the shade of a beach umbrella looking at his fat trophy and her planet size ass strut around in the surf. She frolicking on the beach getting some much needed exercise but I must say it is a miracle she didn’t have a heart attack lugging all that meat around. It is incredible her g-string attire is legal in public because she is essentially naked in these ‘candids.’ Leave it to Ice T to find such a fit and classy wife. Kinda feel sorry for the poor paparazzi who had to take these asszilla candids. So here are the Coco bikini pics now. If you are interested, good for you. If not, scroll on …

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