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Janpanese School Principal Fucks 12,000 Prostitutes

Jamie Lee Curtis: Me? I can fuck at least 12 times everyday …

Guinness Book of Record for teaching professional under fuckology category

School Principal Yuhei Takashima Admits Sex With 12,000 Prostitutes

Ex-Yokohama school principal Yuhei Takashima admits sex with 12,000 prostitutes

We all like to compare numbers, especially when it comes to the number of people you’ve slept with.

But we accept defeat when it comes to Yuhei Takashima, who has apparently admitted to sex with over 12,000 women.

That’s not a typo: more than twelve thousand! Read On…

Malin Akerman Shows Her Tits And Ass In Details

Lovely Swedish actress Malin Akerman is in next month’s Details and, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but she is lacking sufficient clothing in a few of the pictures to properly cover her body. The magazine features an interview with the Watchmen star, with some pleasing pictures to accompany it. And Malin Akerman look so damn hot in the October 2010 issue of Details magazine.
Not only that, you can see some nipple and ass. This might be the least gay issue of Details ever! Anyway, we don’t really care about the interview she did cause all we care about here is the tits and the ass on display.

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