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Fatima Grupico: Another Catholic Teacher Cougar Had Sex With Teen Student

Why some teachers just couldn’t resist bonking kids?

Analysis using Scandalogy developed by reveals: -

1. School kids are easy target
2. Number does matter – There are many students, chances are there’s bound to be some of the kids liked, and in case, sexually attracted to the cougar teacher …

The rest is basically animal instinct plus the right time and the right place … Like we really know?

Scarlett Johansson & Keira Knightley: Kids will be eaten alive if we were teachers?

Fatima Grupico: Catholic School Teacher Had Sex With Teen Student, Charges Say — Held Without Bail

Fatima Grupico Catholic teacher sex

Fatima Grupico was a teacher at a Catholic school in New Jersey, a school that has since had its doors shuttered by the local diocese because declining enrollments had rendered running the high school no longer cost effective.

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