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Fatima Grupico: Another Catholic Teacher Cougar Had Sex With Teen Student

Why some teachers just couldn’t resist bonking kids?

Analysis using Scandalogy developed by reveals: -

1. School kids are easy target
2. Number does matter – There are many students, chances are there’s bound to be some of the kids liked, and in case, sexually attracted to the cougar teacher …

The rest is basically animal instinct plus right time and right place … Like we really know?

Scarlett Johansson & Keira Knightley: Kids will be eaten alive if we were teachers?

Fatima Grupico: Catholic School Teacher Had Sex With Teen Student, Charges Say — Held Without Bail

Fatima Grupico Catholic teacher sex

Fatima Grupico was a teacher at a Catholic school in New Jersey, a school that has since had its doors shuttered by the local diocese because declining enrollments had rendered running the high school no longer cost effective.

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US Marshals man caught having sex on courthouse roof

Federal official photographed ‘having sex’ on roof of COURTHOUSE is investigated ‘for causing security risk’

US Marshals employee caught having sex on courthouse roof in Pennsylvania

A US Marshals Service employee has been photographed having sex on the roof of a federal courthouse in Pennsylvania, the force confirmed Friday.

  • Local resident took pictures of the pair, thinking it was a security breach
  • US Marshals Service investigated and found it was an employee
  • According to the local, the same couple regularly have sex on the roof

And Adrianne Curry caught having sex with …?

The unidentified man photographed ‘mid-sex act’ on top of the 12-storey building, is under investigation, a marshals spokesman has said Read On…