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Former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson got a sex tape that is as dirty and wet as you might expect. The enthusiasm for the Kendra exposed sex tape recalls similar enthusiasm for the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Despite her legal battle, Kendra’s sex tape was released, and pre-orders have been the highest in the history of porn company Vivid Entertainment. If reports are to be believe, Kendra Wilkinson will be paid a whopping $680, 000 for the release of the sex tape. Furthermore, it is likely that she will get almost half of the profits in addition following an agreement in a legal settlement between Wilkinson and Vivid Entertainment. 

The sex video was sold to Vivid supposedly by her ex-boyfriend or a third party. And here is the best part, she was only 18 year-old and still a student in high school when it was made in 2003 pre boob job too. Now that she is a celebrity, ex-Playboy Playmate, former star of E! Entertainment channel show Girl Next Door, her show Kendra and the ex-girlfriend of Playboy owner Hugh Hefner. How the sex tape came into the market still remains unclear but many claim that her high school boyfriend with whom Kendra features in the tape sold it shortly after they broke off. She graduated from Clairemont High School in San Diego in 2003 and became a “glamor model.”

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