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Canadians offered porn to vote

Vote Baby Vote

Canada’s ‘Sluts Against Harper’ Will Send You Nudes For Your Vote

Canadians don’t much like their Prime Minister — and they’re getting naked to prove it.

Canada will hold federal elections beginning on October 9, and some ingenious Canadians are coming up with novel ways to encourage fellow citizens to head to the polls — by promising them nude photos for performing their civic duty.

SLUTS AGAINST HARPER // ig: votes4nudes // viral campaign to engage canadian youth voters in the 2015 federal election // personalized nudes for the politically engaged

wanna hear something sad af? almost 5 million progressive voters who went to the polls in 2011 did not elect a single MP. that’s definitely NOT cute. to make our efforts to get harper out more effective, we gotta get cozy with our votes. check out and to find out the best way to vote in your riding. you’ve still got today, tomorrow and monday to get your early vote in before election day (october 19). POLITICALLY ENGAGED SLUTS ASSEMBLE! #fuckharper #stopharper #cdnpoli #canpoli #elxn2015 #pmharper #elxn42 #goc #vote #votetogether #votes4nudes #slutsagainstharper
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