Scandalous Tips: Eight Secrets to Avoiding a Sex Scandal

Your browser does not support JavaScript. Update it for a better user experience. ads by AdXpansion So you’re a straying politician who doesn’t want to end up in the tabloids. Don’t date an employee, and do use birth control! Ex-madam Kristin Davis and the founder of Ashley Madison offer a guide to getting away with » More

Chuck Robb & Tai Collins Sex Scandal

This particular sex scandal is a lot more juicier than the rubbery drama of Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger bonking his own housemaid. Well, the actress in this case is at least a Playboy Centerfold Diva. Chuck Robb Sex Scandal Figure Gets Her Wish Tai Collins, the former Miss Virginia-USA who alleged a sexual affair with former » More

Top 10 Sex Scandals (6) David Mellor & Antonia de Sancha

David Mellor and Antonia de Sancha David Mellor’s extra-marital affair with the actress Antonia De Sancha became public knowledge after his mistress blew the lid, selling her story to the News of the World for £30,000 in 1992. There were a number of unsubstantiated allegations including those involving toe-sucking and a Chelsea football shirt, apparently » More

Top 10 Costliest Sex Scandals

As Strauss-Kahn succumbs to house arrest, Schwarzenegger deals with a possible criminal probe, and John Edwards faces indictment, The Daily Beast ranks which sex scandals hit the wallet hardest. In the realm of politics and celebrity, the era of open secrets is over. Not only are private dalliances not publicly accepted, they’re a valuable commodity » More

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Political Sex Scandals Sell (T-Shirts)!

Former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger may be embroiled in a hot-this-minute hullaballoo over a child he fathered with his maid, but so far he still can’t beat former President Bill Clinton when it comes to (consumer) appeal — at least according to one purveyor of scandal mementos. The CafePress website reports that “although Arnold’s affair-themed merchandise » More

Top 10 Sex Scandals (5) John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe

John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe What exactly happened between the iconic American film star and the country’s much-loved president will most likely never be known, but speculation is still rife today. Some believe the Kennedy family had the iconic movie star killed – and then staged as a suicide – as a part of » More

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