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Tara Reid Upskirt & Marilyn Monroe Nude

Tara Reid Celebrity Upskirt

This is just a fucking great celebrity upskirt picture of Tara Reid. Focused, lit, spread, tiny polka dot thong, a little stubble, what more could anyone ask? Yes, her face is turned but with that great crotch shot, who really cares?

I have empathy for Tara, the third of the modern young American female train wrecks along with Britney and Lindsay. She’s had her share of problems and I hope she’s back on the right track with her new movie, American Reunion, the fourth installment of the American Pie series. The movie has apparently not been without its controversies as Tara Tweeted “Don’t believe everthing you read about american reunion its not true its a great movie and everything will come true,” on October 4 but I sincerely hope she has her shit together once and for all.

In the meantime, Tara Reid remains pretty damn hot and I’ll look at full spread celebrity upskirts like this one of her any time. When you’re finished gazing at Tara’s crotch, just go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.

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