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Vivica Fox Nip-Slip

Former ‘VH1’s 100 Hottest Hotties’ Vivica Fox Walked In Risqué Embroidered Nip-Slip Gown, Was It Fashion Massacre Or Fashion Fab?

Vivica Fox Nip-Slip

Vivica Fox Nip-Slip

Vivica Fox nip-slip shows she has no qualms and doesn’t care as long as she feels good as host of the 2015 Femmy Awards on Tuesday, Feb. 3. (Photo : Instagram) Read On…

Idina Menzel Goofs On Nip-Slip Wardrobe Malfunction

Idina Menzel has a nip slip. Handles it better than Adele Dazeem.

There really isn’t anything Idina Menzel can’t do — except for force John Travolta not to have a mini-fit on stage whilst trying to pronounce her pretty easy as it is name — and somehow, she even makes an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction adorable, sassy, sexy, and full of confidence, and we’re not surprised.

Idina was performing at Radio City Music Hall the other evening, and before she began her song, her boob … well, it kind of leaked out of her leather brassiere.

Frozen star Idina Menzel was in the midst of a performance at New York’s Radio City Music Hall last night when she suddenly realized she had fallen victim to that common celebrity wardrobe malfunction known as the nip slip.

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