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Carrie Prejean Left Her Titties In Hawaii

Damn, Carrie Prejean is hot. She is in Hawaii with her tits hanging out this week giving us the first Carrie Prejean nipple slip ever. And her nipples are amazing in every way possible. I want to scream at her nips to get in my mouth. She has an extremely good superstructure and her jawline is fantastic, she is one sexy pony. BTW, what kind of douchey boyfriend stands right in front of his girlfriend and doesn’t tell her that your nipples are trying to make an escape? Sure her nipples are beautiful and great to look at and we can be certain he did not want her to put away those things with the water and sunshine sparkling on them but at least give her a hint. She really need to dump that guy. I think if she is not careful he is going to have her turning tricks in no time soon.


But it is her physicality that I really care about. Besides the wardrobe malfunction, Carrie really know how to rock a bikini. This chick has a smokin’ hot toned body. And I thought she got a boob job? Her tits look like they are natural with just enough sag to trick a man, the doctor or should I say artist who put the stuffing in her chest is a fucking genius. But obviously she has no feeling in her nipples because she had no clue she was expose to the elements. Mmm, I guess we can’t have everything. Anyway, I can’t think of rational things to say because the pictures of her ass and nips are imprinted on my frontal lobe. I can’t even project myself 5 minutes into the futrue, because her ass will still be on my mind. Damn, her plastic surgeon did an awesome job on those boobies.

Celebrity Nipslip: Kate Moss

Katherine Moss (born January 16, 1974), known as Kate Moss, is an iconic English supermodel who is known for her waifish figure, high-profile relationships, party lifestyle and advertising campaigns. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers.

The Nipple Slip