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Workout Routine of Most Popular Celebrity Miranda Kerr

workout routine of most popular celebrity Miranda Kerr

The Miranda Kerr workout routine is fairly rigorous as she participates in several different activities (can be substituted for other things easily.)

Some activities that she participates in are running, pilates, yoga, and boxing. Although working out is an important part of her bikini body, eating the right foods is of the utmost importance.

Most Popular Celebrity Miranda Kerr

Some specifics of the Miranda Kerr workout routine:

She likes high-intensity cardio and circuit training, and normally spends about 90 minutes in the gym a day (about 360 minutes a week.) She always like sot start with a 15 minute jog/sprint session to keep her heart rate up and then transitions to jumping rope. She puts a lot of emphasis on her advanced jump roping –she does things such as double skips, knee tucks, one legged hops etc.



Most Popular Celebrity Miranda Kerr


Weights and resistance

Miranda kerr’s workout routine also has weights and resistance. Weight training is actually important for burning fat because it helps keep your metabolism up. It is generally good practice to only work one section of your body per day so for example on a Monday she will work chest and back, Tuesday legs and biceps, but tries to avoid gaining bulk. The way to avoid gaining bulk is to do a large number of reps with low weight. It can keep your heart rate accelerated, increase your metabolism, and firm your muscles.





Basic Rundown: Miranda Kerr workout routine

  1. Job/sprint circuit train for 15 minutes. Try to sprint about ¼ of the time on and off. Set a timer to go off every 30 seconds and go at a pace you are comfortable with.
  2. 10 minutes of jump roping. Half regular, half advanced. Advanced will take time.
  3. 19~ minutes of treadmill climbs at 10-20 degrees. Sprint for 4 minutes, walk for 6 minutes, jog for 6 minutes, sprint for 4 minutes.
Most Popular Celebrity Miranda Kerr
There are several other specifics of her routine (as you can imagine) but the list of three above is a good start for someone that wants to just get moving right away. It is always best to get yourself on a good diet first (if you aren’t on one already) and make it a habit. Get used to eating healthy foods, and then gradually transition into an active lifestyle filled with exercise. The Miranda Kerr Workout Routine can be time consuming but for someone that is serious about seeing improvement, it is very effective.

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