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Frankie Sandford Upskirts

Frankie Sandford Upskirt In The Same Sheer Panty Again

UK girl group The Saturdays’ star Frankie Sandford flashed anothor skanky see-through panty upskirt picture moment at the recent 2010 Sony Radio Music Awards. Interesting enough, she seem to be wearing the same sheer panties she showed off a few months ago. Now, we can only hope she had it washed since then but you never know. And I would be shock if Frankie Sandford was wearing the very same underwear as oppose to an identical pair. Anyway, this professional upskirt abuser is a ‘B’ going on ‘C’ celebrity who possible flashed the very same undies before while attending the Rochelle Wiseman’s 21st birthday party back in March as did that other panty upskirt flasher Amelle Berrbah…(actually, did Berrbah even have any panties on? I don’t think she did come to think of it). This must be her favorite panties, lets hope it is her favorite design and not her favorite again and again exactly the very same panties. We say that all of Frankie Sandford’s indecent exposures are wonderful marketing for her music career…but to be honest, we have seen way more of her panties (and then some) than we have of her albums. Frankie Sandford cannot seem to keep her crotch out of the spotlight. Click on pictures to enlarge.