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Lindsay Lohan Nipple Areola & Big Tits Cleavage

Lindsay Lohan Nipple Slip and Huge Tit

Lindsay Lohan Nipple Slip & Huge Tit

Lindsay Lohan still doesn’t have a job, except the occasional blowjobs she gives for crack. Here she is in a Terry Richardson photoshoot, mainly focusing on her extra large (and awesome) tits. Her Marilyn Monroe look’s starting to annoy everybody, but who cares as long as she’s showing parts of her sexy body from time to time. I’m still holding my bet – She’ll do porn this year!

I’ve got many ideas for the adult movie producers, but once they’ll meet Lindsay I’m pretty sure they’ll be blown away by her ideas. Sado-maso, gonzo, bukkake, hell she’s probably up to beating the world record for the amount of cum swallowed or most sex partners in 24 hours. Sign me up for that!

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