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Top Ten Titties

I recently had the pleasure of sucking on a natural tit as opposed to my ex-girlfriend’s manmade parts, and I have to say—there really is nothing sweeter than a good old-fashioned titty made from scratch.

Nothing but cum and egg and mama’s genes! No silicone, saline, or any other weird solutions. A real titty feels more intimate, as if closer connected, whereas a fake tit puts out the whore vibe. By default, dudes don’t take women with fake tits seriously. No one wants to admit it, but chicks with fake tits are viewed as whores because it was whores that first invented them—women such as Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson, and whatever bitch Ice-T is fucking (plus all those hoes in Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’” video). But this isn’t a stab at my ex-girlfriend or whatever woman reading this with unnatural breasts; I’m only writing the unspoken truth. Even though Nik Richie and his vast army of followers would highly disagree (but they’re all kooks, anyway), most men prefer natural tits.

And with that I present the top ten best natural tits list!

10. Miranda Kerr
Look at those delicious bite-sized nuggets! Yum! Yum!! Did you just cum in your pants? Me, too. Can you imagine coming home from work to find these perky little mits jumping up and down on the bed while Miranda is chanting, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!” She’s been holed-up indoors all day on Facebook and you’re FINALLY fucking home to fuck her brains out and then spoon on the couch watching Louie. Why can’t this dream come true for me?

9. Anne Hathaway  Read On…

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