Geri Halliwell Ass-O-Rama

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Katy Perry Shows Her Ass

by Jihadist   Pop star Katy Perry thrilled her legions of horny fans when she bent over and showed her unremarkable ass while performing in concert. Since all infidels are over-sexed drug addicts it is understandable why they would find Katy Perry and her pasty ass aesthetically pleasing. Of course as a Muslim man I » More

Shakira shaking her sexy body on a stripper pole tight celebrity ass

In a desperate plea for attention, pop star Shakira has resorted to shaking her fine ass on a stripper pole in her new video. Between Lady Gaga’s crazy outfits and Katy Perry showing off her tits, it is getting harder and harder for singers like Shakira to get noticed. Luckily for Shakira she is half » More

Natalie Portman’s Ass In A Thong Video

Oscar winning actress and filthy Jew whore Natalie Portman brazenly shows her tight ass in a thong in the video below. Of course Natalie Portman is only showing her ass to offend us pious Islamic men. Like all Jews she will stop at nothing to try and seduce us because she greedily covets our virile » More

Jennifer Aniston Assorama

So a lot of haters out there with regards to Lebron.  I find it so stupid.  Most people couldn’t even hold his jockstrap.  One of my friends said something intelligent – people gravitate towards losers and for some reason don’t like winners.  Yeah, that would explain all of his hater-ade being served to Lebron. Born » More

Emma Watson Terrorizes The World With Her Flat Ass

Emma Watson committed sexual terrorism against the world at the MTV Movie Awards, when she brazenly flaunted her shapeless, bony, cold English ass to the cameras. What a perverse sense of justice the United States has when they hold pious men like my cousin Abdar in Guantanamo Bay simply for plotting to blow up a » More

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