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Nicki Minaj’s Big Fat Ass Is really Quite Something

Why I’m Forever Thankful to Nicki Minaj & Her Fat Ass

Comapre Apple to Apple …

I’m not even gonna kid around with this. I have a big, fat ass. I mean if I have to sit next to Kim Kardashian, I’m sure her Armenien ass would beat mine down, but on the whole ass spectrum, mine certainly sits on the chunkier side of things.

So much so that buying any kind of pants is a problem. If it fits around the hips, then Imma hafta buy a belt cuz that sucker is going to be too big for my waist. If I get something low cut that hugs the hips, then I better be wearing a long top because when I sit down you can bet half my ass if hanging out of my pants. #fatassproblems

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Miley Cyrus Fappening Her Ass On Instagram

LATEST: Miley Cyrus topless on a hotel balcony in Sydney, Oct 15, 2014

Forget about those nosy fappening celebs … There is no fappening like the super fap of Miley Cyrus.

Long Live Miley.

Miley Cyrus Pal Cheyne Thomas Posts Pic Of Sleeping Singer’s Naked Butt

Not this one …

Miley Cyrus’ best friend and assistant Cheyne Thomas posted a photo on Instagram of the singer getting her “booty sleep” in Australia. On Sunday, Thomas shared a shocking photo of Cyrus sleeping bottomless, exposing her naked butt.

It’s this one …

Based on Thomas’ caption, “Sleeping biewttyyy,” it seems Cyrus was unaware, at the time, that her bare butt was being photographed. However, since the singer has had no problem posing naked in the past — and she hasn’t made her pal pull down the photo — clearly Cyrus is not too concerned with having a pic of her behind shared worldwide.

Cyrus, who wore a prosthetic butt when she fell during a performance in Melbourne on Friday, has also shared her fair of risqué photos since she’s been in Australia, where she’s finishing up her Bangerz tour. On Saturday, Cyrus posted her own topless pics while sunbathing Down Under.

Thomas and Cyrus, of course, are so close that last summer they tattooed each other.

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