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Nicole Trunfio Candid Upskirt Ass Flash In New York

Nicole Trunfio giving us the windblown upskirt ass flash in New York City on Tuesday. Model Nicole Trunfio unexpectedly showed off her ass after leaving her hotel when a gust of wind blow her skirt. And as you can see she is either wearing a tiny thong panty or she is gong full commando because her butt was fully exposed. Fortunately the paparazzi had perfect timing to snap these candid photos of her cheeks as she entered a taxi cab.

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Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian Feud Over Attention Given To Kim’s Big Fat Ass

Whose ass reigns supreme ?

A battle of the most infamous butts in Hollywood – except that one belongs to a legitimate singer/movie star and the other belongs to an attention-obsessed reality star. Between Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, it should be easy to guess who’s who.

According to new reports, Jennifer Lopez is apparently sick of Kim Kardashian’s reign in the spotlight, especially how everyone is now obsessed with Kim’s [likely fake] ass. A source tells the National Enquirer, “Jennifer is sick of all the talk about Kim’s butt and how much attention she gets for her curves. She thinks it’s pathetic, because she believes it’s blatantly obvious Kim’s had some type of lift or treatment to get such a gigantic bottom that sticks out like it does.” Read On…