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Kim Kardashian Bares Butt On Cover Of Paper Magazine

Kim Kardashian just revealed the whole enchilada.

Meet My Vagina … Again

More pics just surfaced from the Paper Magazine photo shoot with famed photog Jean-Paul Goude. The pics were taken in Sept. during Paris Fashion Week.

We’ve learned this pic was taken after the now-famous ass photo, when Kim decided to put everything on display.

Kim Kardashian ‘Break The Internet’ Naked Photos In Paper Magazine

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Karissa Shannon Flashing Ass

Karissa Shannon posing for photos in Las Vegas

Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon Flashed Her Bare Ass While Getting Her Mail Without Pants

Karissa Shannon, one of the twins that used to pretend to be Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, wearing nothing but her Team USA jacket showing off her bare ass to the neighbors. Perhaps this Playboy Bunny and convicted criminal was in such a rush to get her junk mail that she forgot her pants. Something tells me, Karissa doesn’t mind that cameras caught her “accidental” booty reveal. And hey – I am not complaining… An ass like that should be on display as often as possible. But leave it to a Playboy Playmate to somehow manage to skank up something as simple as getting the mail. And of course the paparazzi where at the exact right place at the exact right time to photograph her butt crack. You mean to tell me some paparazzo has been sitting outside her house for days for the unique chance to see her naked? Obviously these pics are staged, what she didn’t have enough time to put any pants on? However her hair and make up is perfectly done. That a girl, a good attention whoring girl.

At least she is supporting the US World Cup team. These were taken just a few hours after the United States won their World Cup match sending them to the round of 16, Karissa stepped outside to get her mail in a USA jacket, socks and not much else. Because it was the most efficient way to make other countries and their ugly girls feel bad about themselves simultaneously. U-S-A…U-S-A…USA! Anyway, I would like to think she is pantyless here but most likely there is a thong wedged somewhere between those sexy ass cheeks. Why the hell don’t all women get the mail like Karissa Shannon? Probably because most of them are not nearly as hot as her.
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