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Top 5: Ladies With Insured Body Parts

Celebrities are nuts. They also live charmed lives. Nutty charmed lives, but charmed none the less.

In what world can a person insure they waist line (Betty Davis)? Or chest hair (Tom Jones)? That’s just nuts, you see, because if Betty Davis (when she was alive) so much as put on a pound her insure company had to pay her. She would, in effect, get paid to put on weight.

Nutty and charmed.

I need to get famous STAT, so someone could pay me to put on weight. Or maybe I could make a cool $30 million by eating too much candy and getting a cavity.

Clearly I have no idea how body part insurance actually works, but here are some nutty ladies with charmed body parts anyhow.

5. Julia Roberts – Smile $30 Million

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