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Sinowood Sex Scandal Part 9 Edison Chen Gallery

Edison Chen

Edison Chen 陳冠希

Biography Of Edison Chen

Biography for
Edison Chen

Date of Birth

7 October 1980, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Chen Xing Hua




5′ 10″ (1.78 m)


Is also a singer

Has 2 sisters

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin (a little), Japanese (a little)

Went to high school at the Hong Kong International School (HKIS)

Is of Chinese and Macanese (mixed Chinese-Portuguese) descent.

Passed on an offer from Universal to co-star in Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.

Heads a Hong Kong-based fashion design squad named CLOT, which has collaborated with Nike and has released a clothing line named Alienegra.

Born in Canada, return to Hongkong in 2000 to start career.

2nd elder sister is Tricia Chan Kin Fei.

Posed for renowned Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee for Kee’s 2006 charity photo-book “Super Stars”, dedicated to the victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster, which consists of photographs (mostly erotic) of 300 Asian celebrities by Kee.

Publicly announced that he intended to step away indefinitely from the Hong Kong entertainment industry, due to a photo scandal – that involved intimate photographs taken by him with various Hong Kong actresses – devoting his time instead to public causes. [February 21, 2008]

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Edison Chen The Casanova

Edison  Chen and his girlfriends over the years

The above flowchart shows all the women that Edison Chen – a Canadian-Chineseactor/singer based in Hong Kong – has been connected with in recent years. A couple of weeks ago, the HK media was rocked by the release of pornographic images of Edison and three of these women. They were allegedly leaked by the tech guy repairing Edison’s computer, who has since been arrested.

Girlfriend List of Edison Chen include:

1997: Xie Kai-shan

2000: Maggie Q, Yan Ying Si, Amanda S.

2001: Chen Wenyuan, Zhongxindong Lee Choi-wah, Xiaoehan

2002: FU Ying, Denglixin, Zhouliqi

2003: Cecilia Cheung, Chiu Chung Yu

2004: Yin Choi Yee , Rosanne, Choi Yee Lam

2005: Fiona Sit

2006: Zhengrong, HUANG Rong, Yang Yong Qing (current girlfriend)

Not just Bobo Chan and Gillian Chung are involved with this sex scandal, in fact Maggie Q, Stephy, Amanda S, Cecelia Chung, Rosanne and some other artists. are deep in this mess too. It is rumored that there is a 32 mintute sex tape of Edison and Maggie Q. Edison Chen‘s sex video with America-born actress Maggie Q was leaked today. The video reportedly showed a naked Maggie Q was lying on her stomach on bed while Edison Chen engaged sexual acts on her. A link on Hong Kong Discuss Forum has already been deleted by Hong Kong officials.

For those not familiar with the Chinese entertainment world, most of the women on the chart are singers and actresses, with a few models thrown in for good measure. The most famous one to Western audiences is Maggie Q (near the top right), who has appeared in MI:3 and Die Hard 4.0.

Of all the pictures obtained by the computer tech, there were 6 women involved. For the investigating police, only 4 are known to them. Three of these 4 women (2 singers and 1 actress, with the actress being currently married to one of Edison’s friends, Nicholas Tse, an actor/singer) were the unfortunate ones to have been exposed before the police and the courts put a stop to it by warning that anyone caught distributing the photos risk being arrested.

Photos of 6 women were found on this one computer. Are there more saved on other computers stashed away in his home? How depraved is this guy, really? And what would his fans think of him now? He may be able to shrug this off and become more “adult” and edgy with his image – that’s what I’d do anyway if I was his PR, but the women involved probably do not have this luxury. It’s still very much a double-standard world.

Hong Kong celebrities Edison Chen (陈冠希), Maggie Q (李美琪), Bobo Chan (陈文媛), Gillian Chung (钟欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) are currently embroiled in an embarrassing sex photo scandal that has whipped up a storm in the territory and the rest of the Chinese-speaking world. It all started on 27 January when various photographs of people resembling the above-named celebrities were all posted one after the other including the Hong Kong Discussion Forum and The photos in question included:

  • A girl resembling Gillian Chung (from the squeaky-clean group Twins) with breasts peeking out from her bikini and her legs spread apart. In another picture, a man resembling Edison Chen performs cunnilingus on her.
  • A girl resembling Bobo Chan (Edison Chen’s ex girlfriend) performing fellatio on him, with his love lollipop in full glory.
  • A dazed-looking Cecilia Cheung posing in uniform in one picture, and nude in a bathroom in another.

Edison had asked for people to stop spreading and to take down the images. People in HK may be compelled to do so, but at this stage it’s spread beyond HK’s borders and its laws. Unlike printed photos with negatives, once it’s out there it ain’t coming back. The Internet is a bitch like that.

In the latest video released yesterday, a contrite-looking Edison apologised to all the victims who’ve been “been affected by this strange, strange ordeal” and urged viewers in possession of those pictures to “please destroy them immediately”. (And if you’re wondering why Edison’s speaking in English, he’s Canadian)

Sinowood Sex Scandal Part 6 Cecilia Cheung Gallery 1

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung 张栢芝

Biography of Cecilia Cheung

Chinese name 張柏芝 (Traditional)
Chinese name 张柏芝 (Simplified)
Pinyin Zhāng Bózhī (Mandarin)
Jyutping Ceong1 Paak3 Zi1 (Cantonese)
Birth name Cecilia Cheung
Origin Hong Kong
Born 24 May 1980 (age 31)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress, singer
Genre(s) Pop
Spouse(s) Nicholas Tse (2006–)
Children Lucas Tse Chun-hin, born on 2 August 2007 (age 3)
Quintus Tse Chun-nam, born on 12 May 2010 (age 1)

Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi (born 24 May 1980) is a Hong Kong actress and cantopop singer. She is the wife of Nicholas Tse, thus being thedaughter-in-law of Patrick Tse (謝賢) and Deborah Lee (狄波拉). She and Nicholas have two sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse.[1] She is considered a “Sing girl“—an actress who first received media attention through starring alongside Stephen Chow, and later went on to have a successful career of her own.[2] She was also involved in the 2008 Edison Chen Sex scandal.

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