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Chan Bobo – Pipe Blowing Sequence

Bobo Chan Calling The Piper

Bobo Chan Calling The Piper

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Bobo Chan 陳文媛

Date of Birth:18 September, 1979

Place of Birth:Hong Kong

Origin:Hong Kong

Occupation:Actress, Singer

Other Names: Chen Wenyuan, Chan Man-Woon, Bobo Chan Man-Woon, Chen Wen-Yuan, Bobo Chan Manwoon, Bobo Chen, Bobo Chen Wen-Yuan, Bobo Chen Wenyuan

Bobo Chan Man-Woon is a former Hong Kong singer and model. She was also an actress in several movies and TV-series.

Photo scandal

In January and February 2008, explicit photos were found online involving Chan and Edison Chen. Compromising photos of Chan performing oral sex with Chen were leaked over the internet. The scandal also involved Gillian ChungCecilia Cheung, and others.[1]