Japan has a special relationship with women’s underwear. It’s the land of panty-thieves, video games where you have to defeat evil panties, and of course, panty vending machines.

With all of that underwear action going on though, it can be tough to keep all the different varieties straight. After all, not all panties are created equal, and the wrong choice for the wrong occasion could lead to disaster.

Thankfully, to help us all out, Japanese Twitter artist @tomoAeri created a very useful chart to help all of the panty-scientists out there identify the different types:

“A panty chart. For reference purposes.”
(Translation below.)

◆ Panty Chart ◆
(Image #1)
(From left to right, top to bottom)

Standard Shorts
Panty type that envelops the entire rear.

Small panties that are a bit low above the crotch.

Low-rise Shorts
Slightly larger panties that are a bit low above the crotch.

Boy-leg Shorts
Panties that look like a man’s swimming trunks.

Panties with little material on the sides and back. Looks like a “T” from behind.

Panties that look like a “V” from the front and back.

Italian Shorts
Panties with more material than the T-bag, making a “V” shape.

String Shorts
Panties where the sides and sometimes back are a string.

String Panties
Everyone’s favorite string panties. There are two versions: those that can come untied and those that do not.

◆ Panty Chart ◆
(Image #2)
(From left to right, top to bottom)

G-string Shorts
Panties where the back is only a string. Wedges in more than the T-bag.

Panties that have rubber so they ball up small when removed.

High-leg Shorts
Panties that cut off the leg-line higher up.

O-back Shorts
Panties that have the butt-part cut out. Amazing!

Flare Panties
Panties that flare out. Often comes with frills.

Sanitary Shorts
Panties for women’s daily use.

Over Shorts
Panties worn over other panties. Used when panties may be exposed, also has tight-fitting types.

Long panties worn over other panties. These may also be “pumpkin panties.”

Paint Shorts
A fundoshi for women. The front sometimes comes in an apron style.

Phew! Did you get all that? Rest assured, there will be a test next week, so you’d better study up if you want to pass.