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Celeb Titties: Hispanic Are The Biggest Exhibitionists

Hispanic Stars Top The Titties Hall Of Fame 

It doesn’t take a media expert to realize the Hispanic community is underrepresented in major motion pictures by quite a large margin. It’s been proven in more than a few studies and anyone with eyes has probably realized the same thing through basic observation. If the latest of those studies is to be believed, however, Hispanic women are actually vastly overrepresented in one particular movie area: nude scenes.

Eva Mendes

Viva Udder Latina !



Hispanic Actresses Get Naked In Movies A Lot

In a massive study conducted by USC, Dr. Stacy L Smith not only broke down roles by race, she also further broke down the figures to ascertain what those roles actually involved. Was the character in a committed relationship? Was he or she sexualized? And was he or she partially or fully naked? When it comes to Hispanic women, the answer to the naked question is yes an alarming 37.5 percent of the time.

Penélope Cruz

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