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The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

  • The good news is that they already found a replacement for Anthony Weiner. The bad news is that it’s Brett Favre.


  • The good news is that Congressman Weiner resigned but the bad news is that he made the announcement shirtless over Skype.

Late Show With David Letterman

  • Anthony Weiner has asked that everyone respect his privacy. I guess that wasn’t his concern when he was texting pictures of himself.

45 Things We’ve Learned From Sex Scandals

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Weakly Scandalous Quotes – U.S. POLITICS &. POLITICIANS

Charges against former Presidential candidate John Edwards appear likely on Friday. Fortunately for him, of the two Americas, he lives in the one where he can buy his way out of any jail time.

(Jim Barach)

Dick Cheney has a new book coming out August 30. It doesn’t have a title yet, Might I suggest a few: ‘How to Shoot Friends and Influence People’, ‘A Dick for All Seasons’, aand ‘Torture in the Rye’.(Craig Ferguson)

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