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Arnold Schwarzenegger Banged Brigitte Nielsen

In honor of  Arnold Schwarzenegger, a new commandment has been created.

Be sure to write  this one in underneath the other ten:

“Thou Shalt Not Share Thy Rod With Thy  Staff.”

Then: Brigitte The Chick

Love rat Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated with me: Brigitte Nielsen

A FORMER movie bombshell has revealed that she had a passionate affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Brigitte Nielsen said the attraction for his co-star in the 1985 movie Red Sonja was instant.

“We both knew that it wouldn’t last beyond the movie, we didn’t hold back,” she said.

“We wanted to try everything and so we did. There were no restrictions, no promises, nothing, and it was a great time in my life.”

Schwarzenegger may be under fire, but Nielsen still had a few kind words. Read On…