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Bill Clinton Is Still The Most Popular “Pornstar” In The History Of US

Clinton Still Trumps Weiner, Edwards, in Sex Scandal Sales

Sex sells, but when it comes to turning a political scandal into cold hard cash, the current Weinergate is proving to be just a weenie when compared to the mother of all affairs, the Clinton-Lewinsky episode.

Lil Johnny is not in my league yet, and obviously the WEINER is not even close !

According to, the go-to site for customizable merchandise, stuff referencing former President Clinton’s decade-plus-old affair with Monica Lewinsky remains a sales leader despite recent headlines about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter sex scandal and John Edward’s indictment.

Bubba sales account for 66 percent in the “political scandal T-shirt sales” category, says Cafe Press which features dozens of items from T-shirts to pins and coffee cups featuring the affair for which Clinton was impeached. [Read: PR pros say Weiner is bungling the Twitter sex scandal.]

Next, at 13 percent, are items about Edwards’s love child, followed at 8 percent by former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s affair with an Argentinian bombshell and then, at 7 percent, by former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s appetite for hookers. Last is Schwarzenegger at 4 percent.

Surprisingly, the Twitter photo scandal involving New York Democrat Weiner hasn’t dented the rankings yet, though goods made by others and offered for sale on the popular merchandising site are starting to show up like this bumpersticker: Don’t Text My Junk.

Below is the sales pie chart provided by

The Greatest Sex Scandals in (Our) History ?

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Heck, we can all quote other presidents – “Four score and seven years ago…,” “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” “We will go to the moon. We will go to the moon and do other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.” These are the types of quotes that we should remember from our presidents, but instead, we have Bill Clinton’s blatant denial of sex. How patriotic? At least Bill’s sex snafu taught us a couple things. For one, never lie under oath (especially if you become POTUS, ’cause then you’ll get impeached). And two, don’t cheat.
President Clinton was just one of first celebrities who taught this generation this lesson. The following are some of the biggest sex scandals  we’ve “witnessed” thus far in our lives:
MONICA-GATE: Bill Clinton’s sex scandal actually began with a lesser-remembered one, when Paula Jonessued him for sexual harassment.Lewinsky was working as an intern in the White House when the affair began. First she signed an affidavit denying a relationship during the Jones’ court case, but then another coworker, Linda Tripp, leaked tapes of conversations with Lewinsky in which she spoke of the affair. Unfortunately for Clinton, his inability to keep it in his pants and stay faithful to a devoted wife who always stood by his side, led to his impeachment in 1998 after a highly publicized, 21-day Senate trial.
TEACHER-STUDENT: So if the President of the U.S. can’t be a good example, perhaps we should look closer to home, perhaps we should look up to our teachers? In Des Moines, WA, if your teacher was Mary Kay Letourneau, that would have been a worse idea than following Clinton’s lead. Letourneau was arrested in 1997 for sleeping with her 13-year-old student, Vili Fualaau, who was apparently her “soul mate.” Soul mate or not, she was cheating on her husband and committing statutory rape. Ms. Mary Kay also wound up pregnant with her student’s child (who was born when she was out on bail). While on parole, she was found sleeping with Fualaau again — since this violated her parole, she was sentenced to over seven years in jail. While back in jail, she gave birth to her second child with her student.  After being released from prison in 2004, she married her former student in 2005 and they claim to be living “happily ever-after.” (Although, now that she is a grandmother, she thinks that her kids shouldn’t be dating their teachers – talk about being a hypocrite.)
Father Cutiè: (No really, that is his name.) With the theory of separation of Church and State, if we can’t look to politicians or teachers as role models, let’s turn to the Church, right? Wrong. In the midst of the Catholic Church, which was dealing with residual backlash from a plethora of sex abuse scandals, Fr. Alberto Cutiè, a popular priest in Miami with famous Spanish TV and radio shows, was photographed being very close to a female friend. Keep in mind that the Roman Catholic Church believes that priests are celibate because being ordained a priest means marrying the Church and being the “bride of Christ.” So while Cutiè may not have been caught having sex, he was caught red handed with his hand down her swimsuit — both breaking his vow of celibacy and the seventh commandment – thou shalt not commit adultery.
HOLE IN 15: Sex addict Tiger Woods had not just one, but 15 affairs (at least that’s when I stopped counting…) that all came bubbling out of the wood work after he smashed his SUV into a tree outside his house in November 2009. After allegedly fighting with his wife, Woods hit a fire hydrant and the tree when leaving his mansion and was taken to the hospital. As rumors began speculating, one by one, mistress after mistress came out and publicly admitted to having affairs with Woods. Eventually Woods lost sponsors, his wife and decided to go to rehab for sex addicts. While SNL, Jay Leno and political cartoonists were having a field day, Woods learned (or maybe not) that while getting it the hole may be a good goal on the golf course, it does not apply universally to all aspects of life.

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Male Politicians Are More Likely To Abuse Sex

Why there are many more male politicians than female in sex scandals

Bill Clinton Sex Scandal Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton Sex Scandal Monica Lewinsky

Lane Wallace has done a fairly good job trying to explain why there are many fewer female politicians entangled in sex scandals; she claims that political or financial power is considered attractive for men – and utilized by men to get sex- but not for women, in our modern societies.

In a 2009 Newsweek tally of political sex scandals since 1976, only one out of 53 instances involved a woman politician.

One reason offered for that was simply that there aren’t that many women politicians in office. Women only make up 16.4% of the current Congress, and 12% of the nation’s governors.

But according to a 2006 report on American Sexual Behavior as part of the General Social Survey (GSS) an average of 16 -18% of all married people have had an extra-marital affair - and almost twice as many men as women.

She says that as a culture, we see competence and power as attractive features in a man, but  not in a woman. If anything, they’re threatening.

She gives a poignant example from her own life as a pilot. When she bought her current airplane 12 years ago – a simple, four-seat, single engine model –  a male friend of hers congratulated her on the purchase.

But he then added: “You know, Lane, this is not exactly going to help your love life.”

The cultural trend is changing, but slowly, she says.

And there’s a second aspect of the power/sex connection that also helps explain the gap in sexual misconduct.

That is simply the sense of entitlement that some men have about sex, in terms of it being a kind of reward for achieving power, and a way of reassuring themselves about their hold on that power (see WVoN story).

That same link between power and sex lies behind sexual assault. And that’s where it really gets ugly.

Any rape crisis counsellor will tell you that rape – and sexual harassment, for that matter - is about power, not sex. Sex is just the tool – a way for an attacker to reassure himself of his power.

She ends her piece with the assertion that the abuse of power is something that almost every woman, at one point or another, has had to deal with in the world.

And we know just how awful, unjust and destructive a force it can be.

Girls Will Be Girls. Or Not.

Why aren’t more powerful public women caught up in sex scandals?