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Beyoncé — Boobin’ Out After Super Bowl

Call her Bouncé … because Queen B advertised more breast last night than Popeyes.

Beyoncé was showing off the girls at Hennessy’s Super Bowl afterparty in NYC, wearing a v-neck t-shirt that was so deep it was poetic. She and the twins got their groove on while Nas and Kelly Rowland performed on stage.


Proud husband Jay Z was there too … but we all know what the real attraction was.

Beyonce’s boobs: easily the most exciting thing that happened in New York last night.

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Beyonce Beyond Bootylicious

Beyonce in a see-through gown

Who doesn’t fantasize on Beyonce? The queen of Bootylicious has launched millions of hard penises shooting semen in the air–Beyonce should just shout “put your penises in the air” in every concert. Too bad an ugly motherfucker like Jay-Z is lucky enough to land on Beyonce’s ebony cunt. But fret not because we’re lucky enough to take snapshots of Beyonce in a revealing dress wherein you could almost see all of Beyonce’s hidden gems.

Hoooly shit! I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely growling with hornyness in this angle…like a hungry tiger spotting at a nearby prey. Beyonce’s booty shot is definitely making penises all over the world explode…like a mad terrorist converting into a suicide bomber. Bin Laden should’ve been a good fit for her instead of Jay-Z! Anyway,I’m definitely loving this angle. Doggystle fantasies comes into play.

 Beyonce’s Academy Awards Nip Slip, Or: “Relax, Nerds!”

Now this one’s a killer! Is Beyonce a murderer or what! Humping Beyonce in dogstyle position while spanking her butt…isn’t that what comes into your mind? You’re lame if it’s not! Beyonce is now a certified MILF! Just look at how she looks now right after giving birth…still hotter as hell! alright…I’m getting a bit furious here. Why don’t you guys hop on in and enjoy more of Beyonce’s hot and revealing snapshots?

Beyonce Bares Nipple at Super Bowl XLVII
Beyonce’s faux nipple bodysuit 

Beyonce Nipple Slip Live Melbourne Concert

Beyonce Wore Lingerie For Her Performance At The 56th Grammy Awards

No one notice Beyonce performing at the 56th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. She was the perfect lady and the model of modesty and understatement. Also, Jay-Z was in the way.
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