Eliana Franco Sexy Topless Historical Reenactment Photoshoot For SoHo

Here is Colombian model Eliana Franco posing nude for SoHo magazine and it’s historical re-creation of the last moments of Policarpa Salavarrieta’s life. Policarpa Salavarrieta is a national heroin (hero) of Colombia who spied for the Revolutionary Forces before being captured by Spanish Royalists and was shot in 1817 for her role in the fight for independence for Colombia from Spain. So in the spirit of La Revolucion, Eliana Franco is topless and playing the role of Policarpa who probably wasn’t topless when she got shot. But things are a bit sexier in SoHo magazine presents: “The Erotic Pola” with Elien Franco in the October 2010 issue. The photos were taken by photographer Diego Cadavid, who reflected in each portrait the time of detention and the moment that the Colombian heroin was shot.

Now, I don’t know how accurate this “historical reenactment” or “historical re-creation” is but I like it so lets not question it. According to this interpretation, hot topless big-boobed Colombian women played a vital role in standing up to colonial forces as Colombia fought for independence from it’s European ruler. Which is completely believable to me and in no way is disrespectful to Policarpa Salavarrieta. But I doubt she had huge fake boobs like Eliana in the 1800′s. I don’t know why but historical re-creations of anything before like the 80′s on television and/or in the movies with chicks with breast implants always piss me off. Anyway, take a look at the gorgeous hottie Eliana Franco as she takes it off for SoHo. Her boobs might be fake-as-hell but she has some serious Latina curves elsewhere to make up for it. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Wiki Bio

Eliana Andrea Franco Ortiz (born March 8, 1979 in Manizales, Colombia) is a Colombian model and TV host.

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