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Tila Tequila Celebrity Upskirt

Some celebrities have very few, if any, celebrity upskirt pictures floating around. Either they don’t go out much or they’ve figured out how to sit and to get in and out of cars without showing their panties to the world. And then there are the ones like Lindsay and Brit Brit who have retired or are attempting to retire. And then Paris, who I’ve said before strikes me as completely calculating in her upskirt shows, mostly I think to get some attention so she can sell something and make more money.

And then there’s Tila Tequila who is a league of her own when it comes to celebrity upskirts and nip slips and just blatant shows of skin. Like these Tila Tequila upskirt pictures here. There’s nothing candid or accidental about them. Tila’s just showing us her panties like a drunken coed on spring break just for the thrill of being naughty. Tila knows exactly what she’s doing here.

I understand that Tila Tequila has recently been through rehab and perhaps that will calm her down with the displays of panties and skin. On one hand, I sincerely hope she beats back her demons and gets well but on the other hand I think she’s pretty hot and will always welcome the opportunity to see yet another new Tila Tequila upskirt. Maybe she’ll wear some nice lace panties next time.


Nicole Eggert Hot Sex Scene

Nicole Eggert having a guy pull off her white bra and panties as he goes down on her, and then wrapping her legs around him as they have sex up against a wall in a hallway. We also see her in few more nude and sex scenes from Blown Away.

Jessica Alba Thong Slip!