Frankie Essex Pantiless Celebrity Up Skirt

Frankie Essex gives us a celebrity pantiless up skirt here that doesn’t really show us all that much. Yes, there’s quite a bit of golden triangle and, yes, there’s much more hair that I expected to see in these days of obsessive shaving and waxing but she doesn’t show us any more that what we might see with a really low riding bikini or pair of jeans. Lizzie Cundy did the same thing to us. You see the post title and “pantiless” and you expect the whole enchilada, but no. Just some untanned skin and a little hair. How awfully inconsiderate of them to us celebrity up skirt hunters. We want it all, damn it, and we want someone else to pay. (That part is true for all of you perverts looking at free computers in libraries.)

The first I heard of Frankie Essex was when someone sent me this picture. Which is not unusual for a Brit reality TV person. What I found is that she appears to be one more Brit equivalent of a cross between Brandi Glanville and Snooki. Snooki because Frankie is a cast member in a reality show but not necessarily the main attraction. And Brandi because, like Brandi, Frankie doesn’t even rate her own wikipedia page. She’s listed on The Only Way Is Essex’s page just like Brandi is with one Desperate Housewife or another. The common theme among them, of course, is that they all have given us excellent up skirt shots.

If you wish to keep up with the details of Frankie Essex’s life you can follow here on Twitter or Like her on Facebook but I personally will just wait for more Frankie Essex celebrity up skirts in my inbox. Up skirts are for reality show stars the equivalent of the old Lays Potato Chips advertising slogan. “Bet you can’t show just one up skirt.” In this case it’s probably a safe bet.

Frankie Essex Pantyless Celebrity Up Skirt


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