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Gisele Bündchen in Brazil Cameltoe and Low-Cut Photo

Horny Couple Get Busted Fucking In Elevator


This wild and very horny amateur couple get caught sucking and having sex in an elevator… But not before 15 minutes of unwittingly making an awesome security-cam sex video. Hopefully for them this was not a work elevator. The chick stop blowing the guy and put on her clothes really fast when they started to open the door. LOL… But the guy seemed really bummed out the act was cut short and he didn’t get to pop his nut.

Melissa George Topless Photos Accidentally Tweeted By Boyfriend Russell Simmons

A few weeks back Russell Simmons accidentally tweeted some topless photos of his much younger Australian actress girlfriend Melissa George that were meant for his eyes only. But sharing nude pictures of chicks you are banging is the reason why Twitter was invented right? LOL… Russell immediately remove the tweet with the nude pics and apologize to Melissa but of course it was already too late… I think he was trying to send the topless photos of his this chick to someone in particular but mistakenly send it to all of his over 1 million followers. So of course a few people saved the images before Russell realize he did a Weiner. Russell Simmons is an much older man so technical difficulties from time to time is expected. But he is very rich so his money help with these technical difficulties. Anyway, Melissa George is hot so we can all be thankful to Russell for sharing his girlfriend’s tits with us. Enjoy! Read On…