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Lindsay Lohan Cleavage … Olivia Wilde at the Ralph Lauren

Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Candids

Lindsay Lohan 21 Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Candids

Hot Olivia Wilde at the Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

I’m not normally one for pants suits on a woman but I like the look on Olivia Wilde. Or is that a jumpsuit? Either way, I like it. She pulls it off nicely. While it is true that I’d like to see Olivia showing a little more skin, I love the fact that Olivia doesn’t feel the need to show off what she’s got every time she hits the red carpet. We know she’s got a fantastic body. Leaving something to the imagination every now and then keeps things interesting. It was also the perfect choice for an upscale event like the Ralph Lauren Fashion Show in New York. Many starlets were there dressed to the nines, but Olivia stood out because she went a different way with it.

tn olivia wilde 5 Hot Olivia Wilde at the Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

Rachel Shelley … Britney Spears Artistic Fake

TV Nudity Report: Rachel Shelley on Strike Back

schelley strike

So far this season has featured some pretty notable nippage as Karen David, Alexandra Moen, Jennifer Tanarezand Orla O’Rourke all bared their secret agent glands for the camera. But last night ‘s Rachel Shelley blew ‘em all right out of the water with a spectacular set of suckle stalks that may very well be the Nips of the Year. Remember Rachael when Anatomy Awards season comes around, folks- they’re that good.

She’s not such an innocent girl we’ve got used to imagine her. Have a look at the set of amazing Britney Spears fake nude pics and everything will become clear. Busty pop princess looks so relaxed when showing off her adorable naked body that you may easily confuse her with a famous porn star.

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