Elena Anaya Lesbo Nude … Best Nudes of the Week Sept. 12

Elena Anaya nude big boobs in beach having some lesbian moments.

Spanish actress Elena Anaya, who if you didn’t fall in love with over the past decade in her sextastic Euro-film roles, then you hopefully did in her amazing lesbionic performance in Room in Rome, well, let’s just say, the girl really gets into her roles. Apparently, Elena prefers the fairer sex, and, who can blame her, caught by the paparazzi making sweet fun romance with her nekkid girlfriend on their island vacation getaway. I stand and applaud the scissor kissing sisters. Then I sit down and return to my ogling. And, only then, do I drool. Enjoy.

Best Butt of the Week

Ekatna domai.comBest butt of the week was the toughest choice of the week but I’m picking Ekatna from Domai. Mainly, because you’ve probably never heard of her and you’re probably not going to see her on any other site except for The Nude Arts and Domai.com itself.

The runner-up for best butt of the week is Lizzy.  Choosing Ekatna over Lizzy was not easy because Lizzy is popping up on sites Lizzy butt twistys.comagain (MC-Nudes, two days ago, Twisty’s, yesterday, and another MC-Nudes set is scheduled to be published tomorrow), after a bit of a hiatus.  Lizzy is tanned, bustier, has a new attitude, and her behind looks better than ever.

Lizzy is a top model on a number of sites so you were going to see these pics of her from either Twisty’s or MC-Nudes sooner or later.  She has her own site in fact, which was supposed to be launched last year but I haven’t heard much about it since.  Come to think of it, not much has come out of Eva’s Garden, so to speak, for a few months.  The webmasters of that site were supposed to be promoting Lizzie’s Secret, but maybe the secret is that the site launching and all forthcoming promo material was just a fake out.

Ekatna in a set from Domai  is not going to receive nearly the kind of exposure a new set of Lizzy on Twistys.com will receive, and at the same time, aficionados should be aware of her presence on the nude modeling scene.

Ekatna reminds me of Svanhild.  Their faces have similar shapes and they have a similar chin.  Ekatna’s expressions are also reminiscent of Svanhild.  The major difference is of course cup size and butt size.  Svanhild has a great butt, yet her breasts really divert attention from all of her other assets.  Ekatna, on the other hand, is less extreme in her proportions, and is therefore more likely to be overlooked and not touted as the sensation Svanhild is and was.  Nevertheless, despite her less than remarkable face, her body type is what you’re looking for when you book a model for a shoot.  She has incredibly perky breasts and a pair of puffy nipples I missed completely the first time I looked over the set.

The set’s concept matches her plain, unassuming appearance and air, in that it’s simple and comprehensive, while recognizing that her butt is fantastic and is her featured physical attribute.  In fact, there are some great upskirt, teasing shots, as well as pictures which incorporate her legs and overall body length into the composition, accentuating her butt and hips.

Best Breasts of the Week

Rebelde busty torsoA lot can be said about these pictures of Rebelde, because she’s undeniably sexy and one of the best porn star/nude model cross-overs in the business.  I didn’t write a front page post about the set only because I’ve already written one about her on W4B in the passed couple of months.

There are, however, some minor details about this set which I don’t like.  While not entirely obvious, Rebelde is wearing the shade of red nail polish that I hate, and you know, for me, bad nail polish really decreases my enjoyment of nude art.  Also, I find the choices of location strange.  Instead of two different sets, one for the pictures of her taken in what appears to be a botanical garden or something, and another for the rock quarry or wherever that is, W4B has both locations  included in a single set.  The two places are, to me, incongruous.

Rebelde behind the scenesThe other imperfection, with the gallery, specifically (and you have to assume this image is a part of the full set) is the inclusion of a behind the scenes picture.  I understand that it’s W4B’s style is to include pictures and videos of the process of a shoot, but more and more it appears like production, photographers, the W4B staff, whoever, cannot control their urge to include themselves in the pictures they take, whether it be by groping and fondling the models in a video or just taking a picture of a photographer shooting a model.  The practice is amateur and intrusive and more befitting a gonzo porn site, or even more appropriate, an instructional photography site.

The drama and artistry is sucked right out of pictures when, as a consumer, you are forced to confront the reality and logistics of the shoot.  Whatever story the photographer is trying to tell; whatever emotion the model is trying to convey, is stopped in its tracks when you see a picture of her being photographed by the photographer, unless that is the story they are trying to tell, and it’s obviously not.

With reality porn and the reality culture, in general, it can go unnoticed.  DVDs , television shows, all contain some kind of behind the scenes component, these days.  Reality TV is pretty much 100% behind the scenes, or at least that is the illusion television producers attempt to create.  What we don’t realize is that this practice is a dissecting of art and culture and it inhibits the imagination and magic of the media.  The culture is now encouraged by the major media outlets to act  as the media or in the stead of the major outlets whenever possilble with camera phones, blogs, Twitter accounts, YouTube etc..

Best Legs of the Week

augusta legs

Almost forgot about Augusta Crystal’s set that was released this week as a free gallery.  The full set, Wasser, was published July 9, 2011.  My first impression was that this is one of your typical wet, Met Art sets, complete with the primary color light in the background on a black, dark set, droplets of water, stop motion splashes, and a pretty girl with wet hair.  The images being typical, though, depends on the model on what she choose to do with her surroundings and the personal artistry she brings to the job. Jenni A. and Millis A. have been in very memorable water-themed sets.  Now, Augusta Crystal joins them.

You see before you a sea nymph, in a classical sense.  The conch and seashell are mysterious accessories Rylsky included.  With the smaller shell she collects water.  The appearance of the larger shell, which has symbolic significance in Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, is more cryptic, although, there one of her poses does remind me of a posture you’d expect of a Hindu god.  This hint to Hinduism is furthered, for me, by the bracelet Augusta wears, that reminds me of Indian bangles.  You can’t be sure of the allusions some sets make.  You can only take the cues for what they’re worth.  The simplicity of the set’s German title would seem to contradict my assumptions about its content.

Augusta’s magical eyes imbue these pictures with fantasy and wonder.  Her lateral glances intrigue you.  Her frontal stares are confident and youthful.  Augusta possesses an elfin quality which may account for her low ranking on the Met Art top model list.  Still, few girls in the top 10 have been in pictures this good.  Augusta captures you with her dramatic flair and captivates you with a body that is a sexually appealing as any on the site.

Best Nude Celebrity of the Week

Naturally, this is going to Scarlett Johansson.  If I’m not mistaken, the picture of her butt in the mirror is not new.  I remember seeing that picture a few months back.  Scarlett Johansson butt picturesIt’s this topless picture, the picture of her bare breasts which is new to me.  Scarlett Johansson bare nude breastsSo, I’m confused.  If the picture of her butt is old, is she just complaining about the topless picture finally being released?  The fact that she’s going to the FBI about this is what I find truly baffling.

I understand that hacking a cellphone constitutes an invasion of privacy.  She’s not the first actress/celebrity to have this happen.  Most likely, she won’t be the last.  However, I am wondering, is it really necessary for these female celebrities to keep nude pictures on their mobiles if they know there are hackers out there capable of stealing them and making them public.  Take the picture, send it, and delete it.  Don’t keep it on your phone for weeks and weeks.  If it’s just sitting there as bait, who wouldn’t want to steal it.  You don’t have to be famous for a man to want to steal the nude pictures of just any random female.

That’s how they’re going to catch these hackers, too.  Kim Kardashian, anyone of that level of fame, should take nude pictures of herself, save them on her phone, and just wait.  Meanwhile, the FBI monitors the phone and whatever else they need to monitor.  When the hackers come for the pics, spring the trap, and catch them.  Is it the invasion of privacy that is upsetting or is it that her nude image is floating around for the public to see?  Most of these pictures aren’t even that revealing.  Bigger moviestars than her have been in nearly x-rated love scenes in major motion pictures, so what’s the big deal?

My advice to Scarlett and any actress who becomes a victim of the mobile phone hackers:  As soon as the nude pictures go public, find a famous glamour/fashion photographer and do a nude shoot.  This will steal the thunder of the hacked pictures, you’ll prove you’re not a prude, and show that you recognize fine art nudes as timeless works of art fit to be published in a fashionable art magazine.  Save that, stop taking pictures of yourself nude on your cellphone!  Let someone who knows what they’re doing do it for you with a camera worth $ 100K.  If it must be phone quality, fine, they’ll use a phone.

demi moore twitter pictures back nude glassesSave that… take the pictures and post them yourself.  Why not?  Like I was writing about the Rebelde set earlier in this post, take the bull by the horn, and just do it.  This is the culture.  This is basically what these hackers are telling you to do.  If it’s good enough for Demi Moore, a veteran of the celebrity/Hollywood culture, it’s good enough for Scarlett Johansson.  Demi understands the fickleness of celebrity and has understood since the early 90′s that a nude picture is a source of power.

The pics she posted of herself this week on Twitter are a lesson to younger actresses that an actress or model might as well take that power into her own hands.  Naked women never get old.  They’re always going to have an audience.  Demi is only doing this to hype up the new season of Two and a Half Men, now starring, Ashton Kutcher, premiering this week.  So what?  The show’s promos have been showing a semi-nude Ashton and co-stars for weeks, now.  Further proof that taking off your clothes, as basic an act and as natural a state of being as it is, still gets the people’s attention.


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