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She loves fashion, clothes and style – Kaley Christine Cuoco or as many know her by Penny for being Best Friends for Life with 4 geeks on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory is an famous celebrity and actress. Some Kaley fans may argue her role in sitcom 8 Simple Rules as Bridget Hennessy was her best performance ever. Of course, we won’t argue with any of the die hard fans… it’s simply our duty to list Kaley Cuoco sex scandals and personal nude photo’s! Well for now let’s start with some sexy ones.

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Damn I still can’t believe Kaley is friends with those lucky geek bastards Sheldon, Raj, Wolowitz and Leonard. Shit, Leonard even got to have sex with this cutie as he was her real-life girlfriend while you and me both here are just whacking off on her nude photo’s.. No? You didn’t see any nudes yet haven’t you, just click “continue to Kaley Cuoco Nude” to see them! Have fun pervert!


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I hear you thinking “shit, only three pictures?” yeah that’s right. It was a disappointment for us too, but we are sure that Kaley Cuoco will make more mistakes – and when she does Famestatus.com will be right on it publishing the filth of the Kaley Cuoco sex scandal – just let us know where to send the download links!

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