Arnold Schwarzenegger Banged Brigitte Nielsen

In honor of  Arnold Schwarzenegger, a new commandment has been created.

Be sure to write  this one in underneath the other ten:

“Thou Shalt Not Share Thy Rod With Thy  Staff.”

Then: Brigitte The Chick

Love rat Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated with me: Brigitte Nielsen

A FORMER movie bombshell has revealed that she had a passionate affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Brigitte Nielsen said the attraction for his co-star in the 1985 movie Red Sonja was instant.

“We both knew that it wouldn’t last beyond the movie, we didn’t hold back,” she said.

“We wanted to try everything and so we did. There were no restrictions, no promises, nothing, and it was a great time in my life.”

Schwarzenegger may be under fire, but Nielsen still had a few kind words.

His 25-year marriage to Kennedy family member Maria Shriver has ended amid allegations he had fathered at least one love child, and he is alleged to have had as prodigious an appetite for women during that time as he did when he was single.

“Maybe I wouldn’t have got into it if he said ‘I’m going to marry Maria’ and this is dead serious, but he didn’t, and our affair carried on,” Neilsen said.

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Did he ever ask Nielsen to marry him? “Absolutely not,” she laughed. If he had, he wouldn’t have become Governor of California.

She may have a point. At 194cm and with an ex file that includes actors Sylvester Stallone (whom she married) and Sean Penn (“I haven’t had many one-night stands, but he was one and oooh . . . he was amazing!”) it is fair to say that Neilsen is not political wife material.

“Arnold at the time was a lot of fun,” she said.

“He was very professional and had a very sarcastic sense of humour. He told me at the beginning of shooting Red Sonja, ‘One day, I will become Governor of California’, and we were all laughing, but I had a feeling he would do it one day.”

Far from being the boorish, sexual predator he is being portrayed as, Schwarzenegger was, she insisted, very romantic.

“I was about to fly home to Copenhagen for Christmas and Arnold left me this gift. I won’t say what it was, but it was a beautiful over-the-top present,” she said.

Was he in love with her? “I think so.”

The speculation that he may have fathered further love children in addition to 13-year-old Joseph, whose mother was the governor’s housekeeper, Patty Baena, shocked Nielsen.

“There’s more? It breaks my heart because he and Maria have four kids and you don’t just have a baby with someone else.

“I’m surprised Arnold thought he could get away with it and I feel bad for Maria.”

How do Arnie and Stallone compare? In her new book, she calls Stallone “the sexiest, most delicious man”. Arnie was “the sexiest actor I’ve known in real life”.

Now: Brigitte The B**** ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Had Affair with Brigitte Nielsen

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger’s list of affairs wind up as lengthy as that of Tiger Woods? Brigitte Nielsen, actress and former wife of Sylvester Stallone, says she had an affair with Maria Shriver’s husband, too.

According to a report from Extra, Nielsen recently came forward, saying that she, too, had been involved with Schwarzenegger, although he wasn’t yet married to Maria Shriver at that time. He was dating her, however. After their affair ended, she married Sylvester Stallone, who incidentally was a friend of Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably shaking in his boots, wondering how many other women will now come forward and admit to having affairs with him. Like Tiger Woods, it’s quite likely that if the man cheated a couple of times that there are other women he had affairs with as well.

Brigitte Nielsen had the following to say about her fair with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and of what she knew about the relationship he had with Maria Shriver at that time.

“How serious it was with her [Maria], I don’t know. He never spoke about her, and the way he was living his life with me, I felt I was the only one. Then I realized about him and Maria and, wow, I felt cheated. Maybe I wouldn’t have got into it if he said, ‘I’m going to marry Maria and this is dead serious,’ but he didn’t, and our affair carried on.”

Word has it now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to put his family back together. Umm, note to Arnold: Don’t you think perhaps the time to think about that was before you fathered another woman’s child? Or maybe before you had affairs with other women while you were married to or even dating your wife?

It won’t be too awfully surprising if even more women emerge from the proverbial woodwork in the coming days. Once a cheat, almost always a cheat has long been a saying involving adultery. It sounds like it may very well apply in this case involving Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What do you think?

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