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Rosie Jones Nude Pictures From Front Magazine With A Topless Natalie Blair

Here is Rosie Jones and her naughty friend Natalie Blair going nude in the latest issue of Frontmagazine. There is God and he like the girl next door type and there is no doubt about that! Rosie Jones nude pictures are usually good enough, but when they feature another mega hottie (though we have never heard of her before) named Natalie Blair (not the Australian actress one), also nude, things really get excited. That is because nude girl on girl simulated action make everything better. Rosie, of course, has been everywhere lately, and all I can say is the more, the better. Or the less, the better, at least where her clothes are concerned. But this Rosie Jones and Natalie Blair topless “R & N Do Glee!” spread for Front June 2010 issue is some of her best work yet. I need to go back to high school… Click on pictures to enlarge.




Rosie Jones (born July 19, 1990 in Middlesex, London, England) is an English glamour model and a Page 3 Girl.

Her modeling career has gone from strength to strength. She has regularly appeared in photo shoots for Nuts magazine, one of which can be seen by clicking the lick to the Nuts website below. Look out for more of the lovely Rosie in future issues of Nuts!


Sophie Howard And Sophie Reade Topless Girl On Girl Action For Nuts

Here are some awesome photos of two of the hottest if not bustiest British babes, Sophie Howard and Sophie Reade getting naked for a photoshoot for Nuts magazine. You especially got to love seeing Howard cupping Reade breasts on the cover. The duo strip down to nothing but their panties, presumably to have a pillow fight or wrestle with baby oil however the photographer got caught up in the action and forgot to take the pics. But these Sophie Howard and Sophie Reade topless pictures are still brilliant. One, a busty brunette, the other, a busty blonde, and both named Sophie. I’m surprised the space/time continuum as we know it hasn’t collapsed in on itself under the sheer weight of sexiness and mega boobage. Anyway, it is a pretty slow news day in the tabloids today so I decided to post this spread of Sophie Howard and Sophie Reade topless and sharing a lolipop together. You are welcome! Click on pictures to enlarge.


Sophie Howard (born February 24, 1983 in Southport, England) is a glamour model fromSouthport, England. She appears regularly on Page Three and in lads mags like MaximZoo Weekly and Loaded. She has often been photographed with other big-bust models like Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh. In August 2005 Howard was voted number 1 in Loadedmagazine’s “Most Beautiful Breasts” poll, and in the same year she was voted 73rd in the UKFHM 100 Sexiest Women poll. In the 2006 poll she rose to 68th place. Howard has featured on the cover of Loaded more than any other model, appearing five times – beating Jordan by one cover.

Sophie Victoria Reade (born May 18, 1989 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England, U.K. ) is a glamour model and was the winner of the series Big Brother UK. She changed her name by deed poll toDogface in order to become a housemate. On Day 33, Big Brother told Dogface that she had to remain silent until 2 a.m. as punishment for discussing nominations. She failed to keep quiet and therefore faced the public vote. Dogface had a romantic relationship with Kris in the House. On Day 39, she and Siavash were punished for talking about nominations by Big Brother who told them they were not allowed to swear before 3 pm They both failed and faced eviction. On Day 72 as a special prize, Halfwit and Dogface legally changed their names back to Freddie and Sophie. Since Day 88, Sophie was the bookies’ favourite to win.

Sophie was announced the winner of the show on the 4 September with 74.4% of the final vote.