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Jessica Alba In Nude?

Several nude photographs of actress Jessica Alba hit the web this week, causing a rather big stir, or maybe a buzz kill for some male fans. The photographs feature Alba, who refuses to do on screen nude scenes, documenting her pregnancy …

Actress Jessica Alba is now the gossip after nude pregnancy photos were published of an alleged Jessica Alba posing in naked pictures revealing a baby …


Sharon Stone Nude Magazine Cover

A very cool Sharon Stone covers the August issue of Paris Match magazine. Also caught her guttering in a see-through dress exposing her nice plastic tits. Enjoy!

You are so embarrassing, Grandma! Maybe the French enjoy seeing crazy old ladies naked but we wish they’d stop encouraging this behavior. It was thrilling seeing Sharon Stone’s muffin nearly 2 decades ago, but when you need enough Photoshop to render you unrecognizable to even show your face, it’s probably not a good idea to flash your titties.

And yet, here she is, on the cover and in the pages of Paris Match parading her plastic chest bags and spreading her glistening legs (which look just as plastic-y!). The only thing that should make a woman her age spread her legs like that is an early bird special or a sale down at the flea market.

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