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Lady GaGa goes futuristic (and naked of course) for sexy new photographs

Headline act: Lady GaGa covers what little modesty she has left with newspaper cuttings for a new photo shoot

Damsel in distress? Lady Gaga lies naked in Kanye West’s arms

Fallen angel: The singer lies fallen from a wheelchair complete with pink afro and floral background

Metropolis: Lady Gaga pays homage to the classic sci-fi film

Electrifying: Lady Gaga gets wired up

No one could ever accuse Lady GaGa of being the shy retiring type.

Being something of an attention-seeker has certainly stood the singer in good stead for her meteoric rise to fame this year.

So what better way to wrap up her successful 12 months than by taking her clothes off again – all in the name of art, of course.

The singer was snapped by acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle for a series of images that perfectly match her bizarre, sexy and outrageous personality.

And she even managed to persuade good friend Kanye West to take part, although he probably had no complaints.

Completely naked, GaGa lies in his arms with one hand covering her breast, as he stares zombie-like into the distance as a volcano rages behind them.

In what could be a subtle nod towards one of cinema’s most iconic film posters, Gaga also goes futuristic Metropolis-style as she stands on crutches over sleeping naked people, dressed in an android-esque two-piece with matching helmet and arms.

In another, she lies as though fallen from the wheelchair, on a mirrored floor in a doll-like pose, with pink afro hair surrounded by pink flowers and a blue sky.
Fallen angel: The singer lies fallen from a wheelchair complete with pink afro and floral background

And of course, we all know that Lady GaGa is no wallflower and no photo shoot would be complete with just one naked picture.

In what could be a subtle dig at the world’s press, the singer stares provocatively at the camera as newspaper headlines that scream scandal cover her modesty.

And in the last shot, New York-born GaGa, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is in her birthday suit once again, strapped to a generator as electricity shoots out of her hands, head and nether regions.

The shots feature in the super deluxe limited edition of her new album The Fame Monster which contains all the original tracks from her debut CD The Fame, plus eight new ones.

Not only does it come with a booklet containing these amazing pictures, but giving fans a very unusual and very weird treat, she has also included a lock of her hair.

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Sophie Monk Topless DVD

Here’s a leaked clip of topless scene from some Sophie Monk movie called “The Hills Run Red”. The shit that is clearly shit because it is being distributed straight to DVD and via digital download tomorrow is most likely the final nail in the coffin that is her career.

I also like to think it is part of the reason why she has been running around, showing her nipples in bathing suits and paying off paparazzi to follow her, because anyone who agrees to be in this kind of shit, knows that their career has got to the point of bottom feeding. When the only work you get is low budget horror movies that require you to be naked the end is pretty much already happened and she knows she better fuckin’ act fast on the PR front, and I’m not complaining cuz I like watching the demise mainly because seeing hot chicks struggle after thinking they had the world in their hand is like porn to me, especially when they are half naked during that realization, even if they have sloppy flat asses if the rest of them is decent to look at, but ideally this story ends in in sex tapes. I guess only time will tell….

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