Tang Jia Li - Arguably the Most Beautiful Woman In China

Your browser does not support JavaScript. Update it for a better user experience. ads by AdXpansion Tang Jia Li (simplified Chinese: 汤加丽; traditional Chinese: 湯加麗; pinyin: Tāng Jiālì) (born July 13, 1976 in Hefei, Anhui) is a Chinese dancer and model who became a celebrity and household name in the People’s Republic of China in » More

Tang Jia Li - A Classic Video

China’s Hottest Woman – Tang Jiali This is one of the Chinese women who make the big bucks in China – in the movies, on TV, in fashion or just standing in front of a car. The number 1 most popular woman in China – Tang Jia Li 这是一个中国妇女谁使赚大钱在中国-在电影,电视,在时装,还是只常委会在前面的一辆汽车。数字1最热门的女子在中国 Tang Jia Li Art Dance Gallery » More

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