Britney’s Pokies are back

Here we have America’s Pop-Tart, Britney Spears brightening things up bralessly while leaving a gas station convenience store in Los Angeles. With a cup of coffee in one hand and an orange soda chaser in the other wearing a pair of daisy dukes cutoffs and a skin tight tee with some Ugg Boots.

And of course…her ever-present pokies! Apparently even California gets a tid-bit too cold this time of the year. Britney Spears really needs to watch were she is pointing those things. Just look at her wearing cut-off shorts, bright red lipstick, no bra, greasy looking hair…so trashy! Still though, I’d hit it just to say I banged Britney. Yeah I am really shallow. Anyway, how can someone with so much damn money always look so homely? Buy a bra Britney!

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